TRISKELE GRIP6® Belt Strap (1.5" Width)

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  1. MEN'S REGULAR WEBBING BELT STRAP ONLY -- Fully adjustable with all Men's 1.5" Regular width buckles.
  2. UNLIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY -- The A3 Guaran-damn-tee protects against any malfunction, accident, and all possible wear & tear. Our high-quality products were designed to last a lifetime.
  3. SIMPLE, LIGHTWEIGHT, AND COMFORTABLE BELTS -- No moving parts on this belt delivers a minimalist look with extreme durability.
  4. HIGHEST QUALITY MATERIAL -- The strap is woven with high strength nylon webbing.
  5. ONLY BELT WITH NO HOLES & NO FLAP -- The tail of the belt tucks behind the buckle, providing a clean, sleek look.
  6. VERSATILE FASHION -- 6 style of straps, perfect for business casual or outdoor adventures.
  7. ADJUSTABLE FIT -- 8 extra inches of webbing for the perfect dynamic fit.


Simply order based off your jean size, for example a 32/34. The first size is the waist, the second is the length. We only need the waist. So, in the example your size would be a size 32. You are welcome to order a longer belt too and then trim it to fit. 

  1. UNLIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY -- The A3 Guaran-damn-tee. Our craftsmanship is on trial with every belt we produce. From the engineering to the manufacturing, we are responsible for making sure your belt works better and lasts longer than any other belt you’ve ever worn. If that doesn’t happen, we will stand behind our work by repairing or replacing any belt that doesn’t keep up with whatever you throw at it. That’s what our A3 Guarandamntee is all about: Any Time, Any Reason, Any Condition And if your strap or buckle does break, we would sincerely love to know how you accomplished such a feat. Reach out to us at